Group of 40 Ventured Out to the Mon Valley for Fresh Salsa and Farm Tour

Photos courtesy of S Lynn Lee and Venture Outdoors

40 members of the nonprofit Venture Outdoors attended a members-only event at Triple B Farms in Monongahela on Saturday. The free event included hayrides, a salsa-making demo by farm owner Carolyn Beinich, and a make-your-own salsa component.

It seems a given that a family-run farm that offers pick-your-own (berries, apples, peaches) experiences would want to venture into offering classes. We were told that Carolyn had been thinking about doing so and this custom outing gave her the opportunity to try it out. The day’s salsa, Pico de Gallo, is actually considered a fresh salad in Southern Mexico. It featured tomatoes, onions, and peppers from the farm (participants picked their own peppers while on the hayride).

Event benefits the Mon Valley

Venture Outdoors’ Membership Director Kathi Radock said of the experience, “Triple B Farms is one of those places that as soon as you arrive, you know you’re in for a treat. One of our Members said it best when leaving, saying ‘I don’t know how Triple B could’ve done a better job – it was great!'”

In addition to having the opportunity to interact with the owners, a part of the event’s success was sending people home with food (always a good thing!). Participants took their homemade salsa with them and were also able to visit Triple B’s farm market. It was a win-win, with folks supporting the small business while procuring some goodies to take home. One couple was spotted with a whole cart full, something that makes those of us at the River Town Program quite happy.

The benefit may have been felt beyond the farm as well. The River Town Program provided Venture Outdoors with information about local trails, attractions and eateries to encourage participants to extend their visit.

About Venture Outdoors

Venture Outdoors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting everyone to the benefits of outdoor recreation throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. They provide a variety of activities that inspire an active lifestyle, promote the region’s unique amenities, highlight its excellent quality of life, and foster a greater appreciation for the environment. Many of its most popular outings incorporate regional fare, which made an outing at Triple B Farms a natural fit.

About the River Town Program

The River Town Program helps communities to recognize the river as an asset around which potential community and economic development can occur, and thus a resource worthy of protection. Success is built from the work of partners that recognize the inextricable links between the environment, the economy, and quality of life. Originally launched by Pennsylvania Environmental Council in 2011, National Road Heritage Corridor assumed the leadership role in 2014.

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