Mon River Towns 2016 Survey

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You are receiving this brief survey because you have engaged in some way over the years with the Mon River Town Program – a program that has been actively working with communities bordering the Monongahela River since 2012. In the last 4 years over a dozen communities have participated in some manner – some just a little, others extensively.

Here’s some of the work either underway now or already accomplished: boat launches, improved public docks, river town web sites, a Mon River Towns Facebook page and an e-newsletter that spreads information about the Mon River Towns and announce the things to do and see along the river. Public riverfront events have continued to grow each year, along with riverfront clearings so residents and visitors can see this amazing river, workshops providing training on how to grow local businesses and prosper, artists’ tours to encourage live/work space in Mon River communities, public art to attract folks to the riverfront, improved public facilities like public restrooms near the river and regional signage so visitors can find the great attractions throughout the valley.

The program is supported through community, philanthropic, and government resources. We actively and consistently seek funds for projects so that the program can continue.

Our shared successes will bring continued growth and improvements to the Mon River Valley. Your feedback regarding what is working and the future direction of the program is needed. Please take a few minutes to complete the program – thank you!

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