Morgantown Area Paddlers

Want to know more about Morgantown Area Paddlers (MAP)?!

MAP is a flat-water paddling group focused on promoting and developing social, relaxed kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding in the Morgantown area. As of May 17th, 2016 there are 173 members, with 15 of them having joined just in the last month. In other exciting news the group, through local businesses, organizations, and grants, raised over $38,000 to put towards a new kayak launch. The new launch will provide a safe way to enter, avoiding slipping and bobbing when getting in or out of your boat. It also avoids the deep muck along the river’s edge. You can look for this new boat launch to be installed at the Van Voorhis Trailhead of the Mon River Rail Trail and Water Trail. Be sure to come out and join the Morgantown Area Paddlers on their paddling trips or other outings. Upcoming events can be found on their Facebook page.