Located in Washington County, Marianna was built as a mining town for the Pittsburg Buffalo Company in 1907 and was incorporated in 1910. Marianna is situated on a hillside which rises 240 feet above the banks of Ten Mile Creek.

At the time of its construction, the Marianna Mine was among the most modern and well equipped in the world. President Teddy Roosevelt, along with a group of European coal mining officials, came to tour Marianna as it was such a showplace of industrial technology. The housing for the workers and their families was known as a “model” patch town, and were built of yellow brick, demonstrating an effort to improve coal miners’ standard of living. The site of a disastrous mining explosion in 1908 , Marianna is of great importance to our industrial past. In addition to its proximity to the Monongahela River, Marianna has Ten Mile Creek, a favorite local fishing and boating waterway, as well as the Marianna Dam.

Coke Ovens in Marianna


The Marianna Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Coke Ovens used in mining are still existent on the local hillsides and are made from the same yellow brick as 80% of Marianna’s houses.


Two of the most popular activities in Marianna are fishing and boating. Both of these activities are supported and encouraged by the Marianna Outdoorsmen’s Association, an increasingly popular organization which holds festivals and events which promote their recreational pursuits as well as sponsoring outdoor educational opportunities for local students. The Marianna Outdoorsmen Association stocks approximately $12,000 of trout and catfish annually along North Ten Mile Creek throughout Marianna in April, July, and October.


This section of the Monongahela River doesn’t carry an official water trail designation but it has been scouted and a map and guide was created in 2013. Click here to download the mapClick here to download the guide.

Marianna Wheelchair Accessible Boat Ramp

River Access

There is a public boat launch into Ten Mile Creek for kayaks and canoes at Ten Mile Creek Access #1 in Marianna. The Access is also the starting point of the 8 mile, Ten Mile Creek Water Trail which ends in Clarksville PA at the East Beth Township Creek Access. Marianna is also very close to the Greene Cove Marina and additional access at Clarksville.