California Riverfest

Last Saturday, 8/24, I decided to take a drive to California for the opening day of their 2 day Riverfest. After being detoured around my normal routes into town because of the event, I arrived ( through Coal Center ) at the north end of California. Quickly found a place to park & walked up to a spot near 3rd & Union to watch the parade with about 15 min to spare. I had a nice shady spot & some folks to talk to, so all was good.
In addition to some marching groups there were fire/emergency vehicles from : Stockdale, So Brownsville, Brownsville, W Brownsville, Fallowfield & Ellsworth, among others.
And, in the middle of them all was the, almost ever-present, PA State District Representative Bud Cook, passing out candy. I scored a few pieces. Thanks for being available, and accessible, Bud.
Lower Wood St was lined with the tents of 45-50 vendors and the crowd was getting thicker all the  time.
Thanks to the sponsors, organizers & volunteers who got it done. And thanks to Mother Nature for a really beautiful day.
Remember. Keep having fun out there. We live in a beautiful valley. Take advantage.