Mon River News: Catch Up On Exciting Developments In Fredericktown

We are excited to report lots of exciting work taking place in charming Fredericktown this season! Just over 40 miles away from Pittsburgh, this river town is a lovely get-away destination. Like so many Pennsylvania towns, Fredericktown used to support a strong coal mining industry. Today, however, Fredericktown has embraced the beautiful and green countryside surrounding it, welcoming visitors who want to explore the beauty of a rural and scenic small town.

One doesn’t have to look far to see Fredericktown embracing the natural wonders of the state. In the summer, visitors can paddle along scenic Ten Mile Creek – one of many beautiful places to kayak near the Monongahela River. The Greene River Trail provides a great location for hikers or cyclists to take in the lush scenery. And travelers can venture into the Fredericktown business district to find restaurants, bars, shopping, and lodging options after their adventures outdoors!

Fredericktown – like all of the river towns we work with – is committed to building upon its existing beauty. To support this mission, development in the area is ongoing, and has been a focus of work during the fall and winter months of 2017 and 2018.


Fredericktown Mon River Town Community Park

A New Community Park

One of the biggest Fredericktown projects to date is ongoing work on a beautiful new community park. This new park – complete with a gateway sign – has been designed for residents and visitors alike to enjoy, and to help support the river and riverwalk activities that make Fredericktown a relaxing area.

The planned community park will not only be the site of relaxing strolls. It will also be able to host festivals and will feature canoe and kayak storage – making the town’s access to the river easier than ever. The vision and layout for this current project was designed by Pashek + MTR. Planning; and work thus far has been supported in large part by a grant secured from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation by Design Center Pittsburgh in partnership with the Mon River Towns Program.

Fredericktown Mon River Town DevelopmentThis past month, the town came one step closer to making this park a reality, with the removal of Taylor’s gas station at the entrance to Fredericktown. The old station was demolished by East Bethlehem Township through a Local Share Account Program grant, which was administered through the Redevelopment Authority of Washington County.

The demolition of this old structure was a key part of Fredericktown’s improvement plan, making way for funding and timelines to be planned for the next stages of work. Progress will continue through the coming months and years, and will result in a delightful addition of greenery to this endearing area!


Welcoming New Businesses

In addition to the development of key areas of town, Fredericktown is excited to welcome a handful of new businesses to its buzzing business district.

One new addition is Willie’s Bar and Grill. Located at the intersection of Ferry and Front Streets, the new business will replace the Bower Brothers Lounge. Mexican Mondays, classic spaghetti dishes, hearty soups, and classic comfort dishes are all here and ready for diners to partake in!

Little Tom’s Big Pizza is also set to open in Fredericktown at 526 Front Street. We don’t know about you, but we love a good pizza – and we can’t wait to see what Tom’s will bring to the local selection of delectable and cheesy pies!

And finally, in non-foodie news, Pierce Jewelers of 502 Front Street has reopened after a temporary closure. We highly recommend them for fine jewelry, watch shopping, and repairs of any of your favorite accessories.


Planning For The Future

With so many exciting changes taking place, Fredericktown is definitely looking forward to the future – near and distant alike. We can’t wait to share additional news on these fantastic developments, and hope you will come check them out for yourself!

Ready to plan a trip to Fredericktown? In addition to browsing our website for information and even itineraries for this charming river town, you can visit our website calendar to see other upcoming activities!