IWL Fishing Derby

On Friday, May 3, the Harry Enstrom Chapter of the Isaac Walton League of Greene County did their second stocking of the South Branch, Ten Mile Creek. They placed an additional 100 Rainbow & Golden Trout, 15″-18″, into the creek, at the Old Chartiers Mine in Clarksville, in preparation for their Kid’s Day of Fishing the following Saturday. 

Frodo, our Standard Poodle, & I arrived there about 10:30 AM Saturday. It was cloudy, low 60’s, kind of day. The kind we seem to get a lot of lately. But, at least, the rain held off. By that time there were several family type groups already on the banks up down the creek.

The fishing bite was slow at first but a few nice trout were taken.

Since 10 Mile Creek is a good warm water fishery in it’s own right, a number of other species were caught. The biggest were a 19′ Drum and the 17″ Walleye

At 12 Noon the fishing was called for lunch. Everyone was offered the free lunch choices of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, & soft drinks.

Frodo & I shared a couple of plain hot dogs. He doesn’t normally get ‘people food’ but it seemed too much to expect him to stand around watching everyone else eat & get nothing. Some thoughtful folks even stopped by to offer him some more water. I guess hot dogs are thirsty food. 

After everyone had lunch the line-up for prizes was called. Three kids went home with very nice spinning rod & reel sets. After that a whole range of prizes were called & awarded until every kid there had at least 2 prizes. None went home empty handed. More importantly, a bunch of children had a fun outdoor experience. It’s so important to prepare the next generation to understand & appreciate the natural world around them.  Maybe then, they’ll take better care of it.

A ‘Very Nicely Done, Thank You’ to the folks at the Isaac Walton League who planned & organized the event and a thank you to the community members & merchants who provided the support necessary.

See you next time.

Ken Yonek